If you feel nervous about visiting a dental office, then come and see Dr. Lee J. Cowles, DMD for dental anxiety care. Our dentist and team will work hard to help you feel comfortable while you receive the care you need for a healthy smile. Contact Cowles Dental Care at 503-255-1506 if you want to learn more about our dental anxiety care in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.

Many people suffer from dental anxiety, perhaps because they had a bad experience as a child or simply do not like having dental tools put in their mouth, but almost everyone is concerned that there could be pain, including Dr. Cowles. These people feel extremely nervous when visiting a dentist, in fact, some may avoid it altogether. Routine dental check-ups are important for maintaining oral health, so our whole team works hard to help patients with dental anxiety to relax.

We offer personalized dental care at our office, and this extends to the way we assist nervous patients. If you need to take a break while receiving dental care, then we will agree on a “stop” signal for you to use. Guided imagery, relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises can also help anxious patients feel more comfortable. Other ways of dealing with anxiety include bringing a family member for support or distracting yourself by listening to music. To learn more about how we can help you to feel relaxed at our dental office, call our team today.